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  • Become a Partner
    Partnership with Raw Beauty, an Atikal Foundation project, involves a relationship of integrity. It is a commitment to assist Raw Beauty with fulfilling its God-given destiny to impact the lives of millions by spreading the love of God worldwide. Every soul touched and every life changed through Raw Beauty is credited to the hearts of our Partners.

What Is a Partner?

A Partner shares responsibility in fulfilling the mission of Raw Beauty.

A Partner of Raw Beauty is someone committed to this organization and shares its vision.

Partnership is the relationship between people who support one another in the achievement of a common goal.

By no means is partnership just an avenue by which to raise funds. Instead, it is a mutual exchange of faithfulness. Our Founder and President, Kita Williams, continuously and actively pray on behalf of Partners.  She brings each Partner before God, declaring blessings upon their lives spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and financially.

Kita Williams, and the entire Raw Beauty family, strive to reciprocate in meaningful ways the commitment that our Partners show.  For example, hosting intimate, partner-only meetings.  We endeavor to provide quality service and products. As we continue to build, grow and help our Partners maximize their partnership experience; we want all of our Partners to know they are VIPs (Very Important Partners)!

Our Part:

  • Pray continuously for God's blessings to be on you.
  • Communicate to you monthly through a personal e-letter from Kita Williams.
  • Furnish you with an official partner certificate.
  • Periodically offer special gifts.
  • Provide quality customer service and products.
  • Be good stewards and operate with integrity and excellence.


Your Part:

  • Attend meetings in your area.
  • Always pray for the Raw Beauty family.
  • Contact us periodically within a two-year period.
  • Actively strive to recruit new Partners.
  • Support us financially with your monthly pledge.