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For every $10, one victim of domestic violence or patient of cancer will smile and be empowered to live.

Raw Beauty calendars have impacted lives since it's inception in 2010, following the mother of our founder, Kita Williams, sudden diagnosis of colon cancer on September 6, 2010.  While God had given Kita the vision earlier that year, she had began to lay the foundation and set it in motion with the resources she had.  Sure of the vision and instruction that God had given her, Ms. Williams pressed through a ton of emotions, to see her mother survive cancer and be featured, along side 11 other survivors, in the 1st annual Raw Beauty calendar. 

Not only does the calendar free participating survivors of insecurities and shame; but it also empowers them to share how God revealed Himself during their time of adversity.  Your $10 contribution will afford one calendar to be shared with a victim of domestic violence or patient of cancer… to share a smile, save a life, and give hope!


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